Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HOE Christmas in July received by Joke

I'm glad to hear that Joke received the piece I sent. I was worried that it might not make it in a timely manner. I am pleased that she liked it, I really enjoyed stitching it.


Received Christmas in July!

I received my exchange from April today. She made two cute ornaments, and sent me two Lizzie Kate charts , and some floss. I love the ornaments they are so cheerful, and I cannot wait to hang them on the tree this Christmas.

Thanks for a great exchange!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recieved Lizzie Kate HOE Exchange

Recieved my Lizzie Kate Exchange today from Cathy. Absolutely Gorgeous pin keep. Finishing is exquisite and the colors are some of my favorites. She sent two nice Lizzie Kate charts, a planner, and a notepad.
Thank You so much Cathy!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shuttle Night Launch

Tonight was quite possibly the last night launch of the Space Shuttle. My Hubby, Son and myself along with neighbors all stood outside and watched the Shuttle go up. It was a beautiful launch with the bright orange tail lighting up the sky. We had some clouds but you could still see the fuel tank separate. I can remember when the first shuttle went up. It's kind of sad to think that this is all coming to an end. My next door neighbor works on the program at the Cape. He's just hoping that he can retire before his job is eliminated.

I've signed up for the HOE Lizzie Kate Exchange and have been busy looking through my patterns. I think I've found one and even have an idea on how I'll finish it. Sometimes just choosing a design is tough. I have gathered my fabric and fibers and will try to start stitching this next week. I still have to finish stitching a needlepoint ornament for a model. The finisher is chomping at the bit to get it so it will be ready for the designer to show at market.I could have had it stitched a week ago except for the fact that when you have to rip and re-stitch some areas more than once it seems to take longer. Go figure!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Help ! I'm computer impaired.

I'm writing to ask for advice on how to create a wish list and a WIP list. I've seen them on many other blogs but haven't a clue on how to put one here. Any help is greatly appreciated. I realize it's the 21st century, however I seem to be someone with an early 20th century ability when it comes to technology. If it's a machine you can bet I'm going to need a block of instructions. I've worked at my LNS for 5 years and it's just been recently that the serger and I are on speaking terms. It was a sure bet that if I used the serger for a customers fabric that it would lock up or threads would break or any number of snags or snarls. It was a running joke that the serger had it in for me. The computer seems to be the same way. I'm a very hands on person and the idea of not being able to open a drawer or file cabinet and find what I need is somewhat intimidating. I know the info is in the computer somewhere, but where? What to look in or how to get there is a challenge. I know I'll figure it out,but it's a matter of how long will it take.

Monday, November 3, 2008

HOE Too Floss Tag Exchange

November 3 2008

I mailed my floss tag to it's new home today. This was my first exchange and I'm hoping the receiver likes it. I've never made a floss tag , but it really was quite fun. A project that gives "instant gratification". I included some of my favorite fibers for my partners stash. It's fun to shop for goodies ! You can never have too many fibers.